State of the art studios

Studio A

A Simple and elegant design combined with good acoustical treatment, STUDIO A is our student’s main working space where most of the creative ideas are born.

The control room and live room, big enough to accommodate a large group of students both for lectures and recordings. Its size especially the height also makes it an ideal space for orchestral recordings and drums. The lively ambience allows the artists to perform their best.

Control room and live room is divided by a huge glass window for maximum eye contact between the engineer and the artist.

Both rooms have Large daylight window that can give natural light inside the studio.

STUDIO A is also equipped with a Genelec 5.1 surround sound set up with a big screen and projection.

An impressive line of audio equipment comprising high end monitor speakers, AD/ DA converters, pre amps, monitor stations, cables and connectors for the best in class audio quality and work flow.

Studio B

This studio is where students do their audio mixing and production practice.

An acoustically well treated room with a glass window to see the adjoining computer lab, also converts it to a live recording space for doing any recording from the computer lab.

An equally well equipped room, and a theme specially designed to inspire the creative minds.

Computer Lab

Our well - designed computer lab for students is with a one-on-one access facility.

An Apple iMac machine, sound card and a midi keyboard for each student to work is what makes our computer lab special and stands out from the rest.

Equipped with a big TV screen and monitor speakers, students learn and practice all DAWs and start with their initial projects.

Music Production

A place to bring out the musician in you, our music production facility is an inspiring studio environment where they can work individually and create their music comprehensively.

An acoustically well treated room with a fine list of equipment, sound libraries and plugins, this studio is an ideal place for the students to make their music and fine tune it sonically.

Post Production Studio

A well equipped studio with Protools and a 24 channel control surface is the heart of the Post production facility.

Mix and Mastering Studio

From inception our mixing and mastering suite has been designed and built to the highest specification.

Equipment and acoustics are so unique and distinctive so that sound perception is always the best and transparent.

A dream come true for the students to learn with the top of the line classic analogue mixing and mastering equipment, pristine and clean AD/DA conversions and the experience of listening in phenomenal and flawless mastering grade speakers.