Soundtech Media helps students find sound engineering internship in leading studios, FM stations etc. Our sound engineering internship programs are credit-bearing and offer opportunity for our students to learn.

Our internship provides on-the-job training by allowing interns to shadow industry professionals in a variety of departments. Every audio engineering intern is assigned a special project that will both assist them in increasing their understanding of how each department operates, and aid the department in addressing a business need. However, internship periods will be tough for students and it requires commitment, attention and hard work on part of the student to make it work.

Our Audio Engineering students can do Internship at the following studios
Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall, Spectral Synthesis, Krimson Avenue Studios - Chennai, Tapas studio - Chennai, 2 Bar Q Studios - Chennai, Sound Gear - Chennai, Aura Studio - Chennai.



  • Suryan FM
  • Radio City
  • onmobile
  • NHQ
  • Tapas Studio
  • Harman
  • Byjus
  • 2 barQ

Soundtech Media has excellent sound engineering career placement records so far. Our audio engineering students are placed in some of the leading studios and international organizations. While many students find placement even before completion of audio engineering course with us, there are few who require additional assistance from us.

Our placement officer maintains constant touch with some of the leading studios, film production houses, radio stations and television producers etc., to help our students keep abreast with the changes in the media industry and adapt themselves to become more employable.

We ensure our alumni network is healthy and active so that our alumni help students understand the recruitment process and mentor them to achieve professional transformation. More than anything, our quality audio engineering training empowers students to impress employers and earn their place themselves.