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We are technologically so advanced today that anybody can buy a computer and start writing music. Inspiration can be triggered anytime, anywhere and we would love to write music at that time to transfer same feelings and vibes to our audience.The process of music production is getting intricate and advanced day by day. Almost everyday there are updates on soundbanks, new fx plug-ins, vsts and other hardware synths.

It is very necessary to get an overall insight of the global music industry to survive and earn a living. Soundtech Media makes sure that each student receives apt training and understanding regarding all the latest developments in the music industry.

Giving importance to research and quality education, the institute makes sure that all the pupils have a general awareness.

Nowadays music production refers to 'in the box' arrangements and compositions regardless the source of learning. We encourage all the students to experiment with a lot of genres and styles in music and explore their own sound in the process. Using the right plug-ins, vsts for the sound they are looking for is researched upon. Complex sound designing and audio editing for staying at par with global industry is very much looked upon. We fine tune their musical abilities and ideas to promote originality.

Having cleaner sounds and layering the right amount frequencies to get the desired 'wall of sound' effect or staying subtle and minimal for more artistic expressions, both is equally explored. Students here are taught music production as a means of artistic expressions. Independent music, record labels, music business, all is covered to help the students release their own music. Music production is taken as a serious course on all the levels, beginner, intermediate or advanced.


Our Classes

Introduction To Logic X
  • Exploring features of Logic
  • Basic Template of Logic
  • Finding the Tempo of any track
  • Audio flexing
  • Making a Radio edit
  • Importing audio loops from the Apple Library
  • Creating Drum loops from the existing samples
  • Introduction to Workflow Shortcuts
Audio fx
  • Reverb
  • Delay
  • Compression
  • Equalization
  • Send/Return Fx
  • Miscellaneous Fx
Midi Sequencing and Drummer Feature
  • Introduction to MIDI and VST
  • MIDI sequencing/Programming
  • Basic layout of Composition
  • Layering MIDI
  • Introduction to Drummer feature
  • Drummer as VST
  • Controlling the Drummer
  • Creating a Groove
  • Creating Drumfills
Song Arrangement
  • Working around an acapella
  • Intro-Verse-Chorus arrangement
  • Adding Originality to the Composition
  • Finishing the Track