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He is a talented Sound Engineer having a vast knowledge in the field of audio engineering. He has completed his graduation in B.S.C Electronics from Kerala University.
Raghav has released his music internationally via HighChai Recordings and has been on beatport world top 3 more than once. He has a very special skill set of resampling sounds in Logic pro and Ableton. Having completed his Diploma in Sound Engineering and Recording Arts after Graduation in English literature, set path for his journey towards sound and electronic music.
His works include 10 full length feature films and a number of short films and advertisements. Arjun has excelled the art of working with Protools and logic pro.
He has completed is Diploma in Sound Engineering and Recording Arts and has an immense experience when it comes to recording, mixing and mastering. He also has completed Avid Certification which makes him an expert when it comes to Protools. His experience in recording live instruments has made him gain some popularity in the recent independent audio circuit.
she had worked in music live bands, Hr management and as a professional administrator. She has a strong environment in Western Keyboard playing. With over decade experience in administration and front office. Handling Experience working with our Faculty and prospective students that allows seamlessly match make and find the right opportunities during their admission processes. The most rewarding part of being an Admission representative at the Soundtech Media explaining the educational methodologies, in audio industry experience and associates the students to receive and enable them to play a key role in help students to take their careers level.
Sound being subject of his interest, he pursued his diploma in sound engineering as well. He considers teaching as his blessing which gives him immense happiness.
I was very much drawn to Music that I learnt Piano, Guitar, Violin and Drums during my schooling. Getting more exposure on creative fields later, I moved on to pursue my graduate and master degree in Visual Communication which gave me the various field experiences in Audio Visual medium. Having the music ringing in me, I realized the importance of knowing sound. And studying sound opened doors to whole new dimensions. Teaching what I know and learnt gives the best happiness. I do it with passion and I consider it as a blessing.

Our sound engineering faculty members are sound engineering professionals themselves who have chosen to share their experience and knowledge to produce next generation audio engineers. They are active contributors to audio engineering field themselves. They are audio engineering professionals, yet responsible and matured academicians who understand the intellectual, emotional and creative needs of every student. They inspire, extract and guide students at every stage of the sound engineering program to ensure the learning outcomes are amazing.

In addition to our experienced team of audio engineering faculty, Soundtech Media brings in distinguished musicians and technicians who produce the music you love; the music you listen to. When you come here to learn your degree in audio engineering, you will be equipped with lots of stuff in recording and re-producing sounds that makes your audio engineering career an ever-interesting one!

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