DIPLOMA IN AUDIO TECHNOLOGY - School of Audio Engineering Technology

The music engineering industry is competitive, yet it is full of opportunities for the right talent. With the standards of music improving in Indian films and the people options to listen to music, there is great scope for the qualified audio engineers now. Sound engineers play a vital role in the success of a recording session. He conducts the session, ensures the quality of the output and works with the artist to ensure the quality they are aiming for. An audio engineer dons the role of a technician, a creative person and a musician to an extent.

To help audio engineers excel in their career, Soundtech Media, one the renowned music engineering colleges in India offers a highly structured and intensive audio engineering program with extensive hands-on training in Audio engineering and recording technologies. The audio engineering course is structured in such a way that it prepares the students for a rewarding career in Music and Audio Technology in both Live and Studio environments.

Soundtech Media, one of the best sound engineering schools in Chennai provides state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipments to ensure students get a real-time exposure on all aspects of audio engineering and technology. From the day one, students get training on music production courses under the direct tutelage of a professional audio engineer. Soundtech Media follows integrated approach to training that fosters rapid learning, passionate involvement and deep understanding of the concepts. And the results are found to be amazing. We are proud to say many students who have passed out from our institute have become well-known legendary celebrities.

The 12 month Diploma in Sound Engineering offered by Soundtech Media includes acoustics, music technology and audio engineering courses is classified into 4 sections. Join Music engineering Courses with soudtech Media and become a trained Recording Engineer and Music Producer


Physics of Sound
Basics of Electronics
Acoustic Designing
Audio Mathematics
Media & Session Management skills

Microphone Placements
Recording Techniques
Digital Audio Workstation

Electronic Music Production
Music Theory for Recording Engineers
MIDI Programming
Jingle & Background Scoring

Digital Signal Processing
Analog and Digital Consoles
Analog Tape Recorders
Mixing sessions

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