The Alumni of Soundtech Media has grown considerably in the last five years, and we are excited about the direction it is taking. Their support, contribution and involvement really make a difference at Soundtech Media. As always, we invite them to share any new and creative ideas about ways to strengthen our Institution. The Alumni of Soundtech Media not only behave as a role model for the juniors but also as a Mentor for them to craft in their career paths.

  • 2005 - 2006
    Ashish Mathew | Thiruvengadam | Karthik | Kiran | Sudhir C Warrior
    Abdul Manaf | Krupa mohan | Girish Kuttan | Aravind
  • 2006 - 2007
    Bharathi Mohan | Karthik Harsha | Ranjit | Vivek | Robin
    Manjula | Pandiyaraj | Ramesh
  • 2007 - 2008
    Sethu | Jayadevan | Vinith Madhavan | Vinith Murali | Vedh shanker
    Srikanth venkatesh | Mahesh | Rijish | Raja | Suchitra
  • 2008 - 2009
    Anujit | Shilpa | Avinash | Prashob | Anirudh | Anuj | Rahul | Libu
    Ashish | Arasa kumar | Mohan raj | Ajeesh
  • 2009 - 2010
    Arun | Rajkumar | Shaym | Manu | Nithin | Suchit | Santosh
    Mrinal | Ijaz | Ebinasar | Deepu | Pavithra | Rohit | Hafeez
  • 2010 - 2011
    Renny shervin | Elvis | Harish | A.U.Anand | Praveen | Soloman | Sooraj
    Bharathiraja | Navneeth | Karthik | Manoj | Vignesh | Peter | Rohit Sridhar
    Simon Raj | Joshua Klinton | Franklin
  • 2011 - 2012
    Vignesh | Masco Ganesan | David Joel | Ashwin | Sajeer | Abinaya | Timmothy
    Poddar | Akash | Jithin | Nithin | Tanmay Rath | Manoj | Arun | Jayanth
    Adwait Walujkar | Vishal Jaadhav | Ramson Mandodi | Debangshu Chakraborthy
    Mohanachandran K | Paul Mathew
  • 2012 - 2013
    Sujith S | Daniel Rabin D | R.Manohar | Umapriyadarshini | G.Haricharan
    Hitesh Kumar Pitta | D.Aaron Godwin | Manu Anilkumar | Bhuvanesh Waran
    Jeedipalli Ravi John Kumar | James Michael R | Narayanan Gopalakrishnan
    Avinash Krishnan | Raghil Babu C | Saikrishnan G | Ramachandra Kulkarni
    Bastian Xavier | Viknesh | Gowtham Balaji B | Raymond Tonathan Johnson
    Glenn Thomas | Dinesh | Dheeleben E | Anand r | Aleks vashum | Abey david
    Vignesh.r | A.Stanley | A.Muthukumarbabu | Sagnik sad jana


  • arun d

    The most important thing to understand a concept is to have a strong understanding of the basics and everything builds on top of that. This is the gift that an institution has to offer to its students and Soundtech Media had recognized this and is actively offering the same to its students.

    Before joining the program, I was a software engineer wanting to be an audio engineer, but Soundtech Media helped me to secure a job in the professional division of Harman International to play both the roles simultaneously
  • Ijaz

    The moment I stepped into Soundtech Media my life completely changed. I'm currently working as Senior Sound Engineer with renowned music director Mr.S.A Rajkumar - at Tao Studios, Chennai .This was possible only because of the best faculty and amazing infrastructure at Soundtech Media

    This is Josin Sam John.. What i like about Soundtech Media is its serene atmosphere, very supportive and encouraging faculty and friendly, co-operating students. The one year in Soundtech Media was completed in flash & it was a wonderful experience for me as I learned numerous things technically as well as morally. I wouldn't be like what i am if i did sound engineer somewhere else for sure.

    Sound Engineer –Knowledge point Value –Banglore
  • karthik harsha

    The interdisciplinary nature of Soundtech Media has offered a wonderful array of technical Knowledge, After my Graduation I was able to recognize my true passion and strengths. Now I am able to think strategically and solve problems which helps me in my daytoday life as a Senior Audio Engineer at Suriyan Fm – Coimbatore. Apart from technical expertise my collage taught me time management skills which I encompass in my daily routine.

    Credits : Awarded Best Sound Engineer for the 2009 Headed the fm broadcast team for Thamizh Semmozhi Manadu 2010.

    After my graduation from Soundtech Media I was placed in a studio in Chennai called the Dot wave. Which was also designed by my governess Mr. Manoj kumar. I am grateful to Soundtech Media and its lecturer for being extremely supportive of my endeavors and for providing strong recommendation for my talent.

    Credits : Love in Singapore (Dubbing), Cloros (song recording and surround theater mix), Shikar, Robinhood (song rec), Christain brothers
  • Rajeesh

    Soundtech Media helped me a lot to turn my lifelong interest in sound into a career. One of the best aspects of Soundtech Media is the quality of tuition. After completion of my Diploma in Audio technology, I now work as a special effects editor and recordist. I truly treasure the days I spent in Soundtech media

    Credits: Kandasami, Modhi Vilayadu, Pokkisham, Adhavan, Yadumagi and Many more.
  • Ramesh

    Soundtech Media helped me to show case my talents as a sound engineer. Without my teachers I would have never been able to reach this position. I started my career in a small studio in Chennai and later gaining experience in the field I took over as a Chief live sound engineer at Venkata Subbah Rao concert hall and Now I am happy and proud to work as a sound engineer with Mr.Leslie Lewis (Bombay)

    Credits : Tribute to Michale Jackson, Bhair Baanvari – Bombay jayashree, Paranoid, DnA etc

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